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Baja Hungary. Sixth round of the Bajas Off-Road World Championship

The test began for the team on Friday, August 6 with a shakedown to fine-tune the vehicle, plus a seven-kilometre prologue. On Saturday the 7th, a section of one hundred and forty kilometers was run, which was passed twice and, to close the test, on Sunday the 8th there was a final section of eighty kilometers that was also covered twice.

The VM Competición couple made up of Miguel Valero and Jaqueline Ricci, aboard the VM T4, continue to add kilometers and reliability to a brand new vehicle.

Going from less to more, conserving at the beginning to attack at the end of the test, they managed to climb to the third step of the podium within their T4 category and a magnificent eighth position within the general, which gives them many points within the general of the World Championship of the specialty.

Next appointment…?

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