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During the weekend from April 28 to May 1, the Baja TT Dehesa Extremadura was held, the first valid race for the European Bajas Cross Country Championship, as well as being the first race of the Spanish All-Terrain Rally Championship. .

VM participated with three vehicles: Two in the Spanish championship, for Enrique Reyes co-driven by Fina Roman with the VM Competición ordaz-R in the T3 category and Miguel Guillermo Valero Talens who was once again co-driven by Marta Plaza, already recovered from her injury , aboard the Canam Maverick in the SSV category; and a third in the European Championship, driven by Miguel Valero together with Jaqueline Ricci aboard the VM Competición T4, within the T4 category.

The race began on Thursday, April 28, with the verifications of the vehicles that lasted throughout the day. More than 130 participants between cars, SSV, motorcycles and quads.

On Friday the 29th, the first special test of 6 kilometers was held, which would establish the starting order for the next stage on Saturday. In addition to officiating the podium ceremony in the center of the capital of Badajoz. Very good results for the drivers Enrique Reyes and Miguel Valero who finished first in their respective categories, fifth and eighth overall respectively, while the SSV drivers started more conservatively and finished in a much more modest position.

On Saturday the 30th, two 150-kilometer sections of pure Dehesa Extremeña were run. The sections were very hard and had many hidden traps, so in this first pass there were some scares that made us lose some time and our drivers preferred to be careful. During the second pass the scares were repeated. Enrique Reyes kept his position, while Miguel Valero had a problem that slowed him down. The youngest of the team was going from less to more and was climbing positions, placing seventh in the SSV classification at the end of the day.

On Sunday the 1st the last section of 120 km was run with very different sections, more traps and very different sections that made riding very difficult. Enrique Reyes came out to maintain his position, managing to finish in fifth position overall and second in his category. Miguel Valero, with the car somewhat damaged, began a comeback that took him to eighteenth place overall and fourth in his category in the European Bajas Cup. And the greatest comeback was for the little ones from the “blue team”, Miguel Guillermo and Marta, who in the end climbed to fourth place within the SSV, less than a minute from the third step of the podium.

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