VM Competicion

Passion for our work.

Our passion

Designing and building racing cars.

In VM Competición we are devoted to our work. We are a professional team of engineers and mechanics with years of experience in the field of vehicle racing and preparation.


We are specialists in design and manufacture of vehicles, from chassis to the final touches and tuning, paying attention to the slightest detail in our builds.


We design our vehicles according to the FIA T3 and the “Reglamento de Buggies Nacional” of the Spanish Federation of Motorsport for the Spanish Cross Country Rally Championship


Furthermore, our tubular chassis and safety cage has been approved by the RFEdA.

Prepárate para vivir grandes sensaciones con la total seguridad de un trabajo bien hecho.

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We design our models in detail, aiming to achieve the highest performance.

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We ensure the use of the best components regarding to efficiency and quality.

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Our designs reflect many years of experience in the racing world.

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