VM T3 ordaz-R

VM T3 ordaz-R


VM T3 ordaz-R

Bring out your most aggressive side.

Built according to the FIA T3 regulations, our new T3-CVT is equipped with a 900cc Rotax-Can Am turbo engine, paired to a CVT transmission.

Thanks to its exclusive chassis design, it can package a custom 130l fuel cell placed in a very low position. This, added to an independent double wishbone suspension with 500mm travel and a total weight of 850Kg, makes it the perfect tool for the most exigent and trial-like stages.


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✓FIA approved chassis.

✓900cc turbo mid-rear engine.

✓All wheel drive.

✓850 Kg of mass.

✓Independent double wishbone suspension in both axles.

✓Long suspension travel: 500mm.

✓CVT Transmission.

✓130 l FIA approved safety fuel cell.

✓30×10 R14 tyres.

✓12” FOX adjustable dampers.

✓Safety fire extinguisher.

✓Dry Lightweight battery

✓Custom seats.

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